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The Macedonians filmed the ordeal with a smartphone and braged with it by schoolmates – so the schooldirector learned of the incident.

25. Februar 2019 / 22:17 Uhr

14yo Migrant Jailed For Schoolgirl Rape Filmed By Pal – But Only To Four Months in Jail

A 14-year-old migrant schoolboy has been jailed for raping one of his classmates while a friend filmed the ordeal and spread the video around school.

The teenage boy, who originally hails from Macedonia, was sentenced to four months in a juvenile detention centre with a suspended sentence of 20 months by a court in the Austrian capital Vienna.

He was found guilty of raping a classmate in September last year while a 15-year-old friend filmed the ordeal.

The friend also aided in the rape by holding the girl in a stranglehold and covering her mouth while handing the Macedonian teen a condom.

Reports said that they pushed the victim into a lift in her block of flats where the 14-year-old started to rape her.

After he was finished, he then forced her to perform oral sex on him.

The rape was discovered after the two friends shared the footage with other people at the school.

When the school head learned of the incident, she immediately filed a criminal complaint with the cops.

The victim had not told her parents about the ordeal.

The 15-year-old accomplice was also found guilty of aiding his friend in the rape. He was given a suspended sentence of 15 months.

Both schoolboys confessed to the act in court.

The two boys previously watched violent porn films before they decided to rape the girl, according to local media.

The 14-year-old told the court that „we did not plan to rape her“ but just wanted to have sex.

However, he admitted that the victim had not given her consent.

Both defendants have a difficult family environment, according to local media.

The rapist’s parents migrated from Macedonia, but separated two years after his birth and he has never seen his father since then.

The 15-year-old’s dad lives in Paris while his mother is reportedly in prison.

He was in the care of his grandmother and the youth welfare office.

His lawyer Philipp Winkler said: „He has never been told what s right and what s wrong.“

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